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About Dentachoice Plus


Dentachoice Plus Savings Program, utilizing Aetna Dental Access®, is a discount or reduced-fee dental program with over 262,000 available dental locations nationwide. This program is designed for health conscious consumers looking to maintain their oral health and minimize their dental care expenses.

General dentists who participate in Aetna Dental Access® have agreed to accept the Aetna Dental Access® contracted rate as payment in full for services performed.

How To Use The Aetna Dental Access® Dental Program

  1. Select a participating provider from the Dental Provider Lookup
  2. Let the provider know that you are part of the Aetna Dental Access® network.
  3. You will pay the participating Aetna Dental Access® network provider the discounted fees at the time of service.
  4. There are no claim forms to submit for reimbursement.

Highlights of the Dentachoice Plus program:

  • Save on all dental procedures including orthodontia (braces)
  • No pre-existing exclusion
  • Easy to use
  • No paperwork
  • Family plan covers all members of household
  • Present your card and save
  • Use your card over and over
  • No waiting periods after you receive your ID card
  • No referral required to see a specialist
  • No predetermination of benefits
  • Programs available for individuals, groups and organizations
  • Actual cost and savings vary by provider and geographic area

Compare Dentachoice Plus Discount to Insurance

Advantages Discount Dental Plans Dental Insurance
Instant Activation, No Waiting Period yes no
Discounts on Vision Care, Diabetic Supplies, Hearing, and Rx are included at no extra cost yes no
No Health Restrictions yes no
No Annual Limits yes no
No Paperwork to Fill Out yes no
No Waiting Period for any Procedure yes no
Cosmetic Dentistry Included yes no
Orthodontia Included yes no
Family Plan Covers Entire Household yes no
No Age Restrictions on Children Or Seniors yes no

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