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Dentachoice helped me save money on my dental treatment services. This included digital x-rays, exam and cleaning. I was also able to fill a prescription and saved over $200 for an antibiotic. I'm grateful for this discount program. Thank you so much! - Jessica, CA


I took my kids to the dentist for their 6 month cleaning and saved over $60 using my dentist that accepted Dentachoice. - Andrew, NJ


Dentachoice is fairly priced and has helped save my family money on our dental issues. I highly recommend this program. - Harry, NJ


With all the dental problems, so glad I have Dentachoice. The discount saving had definitely helped. - Elaine, PA


You have saved me money - Gloria, NJ


I was fortunate to have Dentachoice when I had my first root canal. I was disappointed to need such major dental work and relieved that I didn't have to pay full price. - Aliza, IL


Dentachoice Plus is amazing! Many times, insurance doesn't even save you a lot on dental work (if anything) but with Dentachoice Plus you save on almost everything! It's a good savings as well, almost 30% less then what my insurance covers. Thanks Dentachoice! - Daniel, NC


My wife and I use Dentachoice for everything from routine checkups to bridges and crowns. The savings are well worth the small annual subscription. Give it a try! - Richard, NJ


Dentachoice Plus has helped me save so much money on my dental work. - Jennifer, NC


I went for a cleaning and X-ray 2 months ago with my local dentist. The co pay was only $105, savings of at least $50. My kids will be going next week, another savings off a family plan. - Andrew, NJ


Dentachoice is great. They saved me hundreds this year. Even my dentist complimented me saying, "More people should have this!" - Gregory, NJ


Dentachoice has been a fabulous when it comes to dental expenses. By choosing this discounted dental plan we have cut our costs at the dentist and orthodontist by at least a quarter or more. This is the third year that we renewed this plan. I highly recommend it especially if you have a family. It helped save us money on everyone's dental needs from cleanings to fillings and even crowns. - Lori, NJ


On an annual basis, I save over $300 on dental expenses. The program is not universally accepted, but it has proven to be a worthwhile investment. - Harry, PA


The cost of my dental bills are so much less with Dentachoice. - Ann, NJ


My dentist charges me Aetna rates. Saves me tons!! - Valerie, IL


This dental plan helped my family saved money for orthodontic treatment, I saved thousands of dollars for use this plan. That’s really helpful and definitely will continue use it and recommend to my friends. - Quan, NY


This is a testimonial to the benefits my wife and I have received for all our dental work during the past 5 years. We have a Dentachoice Household discount Plan since 2015 and have been able to utilize its discount benefits with our dentist regularly. Without it we would have incurred quite a lot of amount for all our dental services over the years. We would recommend anyone seeking a dental discount plan to go for this Dentachoice Plan. - Firdosh, NJ


Using Dentachoice Plus we have saved hundreds of dollars this year. Between office visits and my daughter having her teeth pulled, it was well worth the price of the plan!! - Leika, FL


Normally cleaning and x-rays would be $150.00 but my charge from the dentist was $93.00. Thank you. Also, I plan to have an implant so I'm sure you will save me $$$$$! Thank you. - Nancy, FL


We have been loyal customers for many years and our dentist has provided us with excellent service and discounts as his honoring the program. Thanks for being a wonderful service. - Mike, CA


My husband and I are senior citizens and retired. We have had Dentachoice for years. We both go to the dentist regularly and save a considerable about of money with our services. My husband recently had a lot of dental work done that amounted to thousands of dollars. If it wasn't for Dentachoice we would have paid several thousands more. I am very satisfied. - Valley, MD


I have had Dentachoice for several years and most recently used the plan for a tooth extraction and bone grafting in preparation for an implant. Dentachoice saved me almost 50% off the cost of the procedure. -Judy, NJ


I was relieved to find out that Dentachoice was available through my job because they do not offer any kind of dental insurance, so this helped out a lot with my dental fees because paying 100% is just too much. I really appreciate it and thank you! - Julien, CA


I have recently retired and lost my health care. I picked up Dentachoice. I needed dental work due to a front tooth issue. Root canal, crown, etc. was costly. I assume around a $700 savings from Dentachoice. - Gene, MD

With insurance being so expensive, Dentachoice has helped my husband and I a lot with some of the dental bills. Paying a percentage is better than paying the whole bill. Thank you Dentachoice. - Pam, NJ


Dentachoice Plus saves me $40 every three months when I have a cleaning. Also saves me money on routine checkup and follow up procedures. Can't miss for this price. - Steve, NJ


I have been with this program for a number of years, and I can honestly say that is has saved me, and my husband a lot of money when it comes to our vision/dental. I think that it is a great program that is well worth the price to have it active. I will be keeping the coverage for the remaining future, because of how good the discounts are that I have used over the years it is definitely a company that I would suggest others choose to do business with. Dentachoice Plus has a customer for life. - Frankie, KY


Both my husband and I have benefited from dental choice. Each time we go to the dentist we know the discount is applied, and with the price of dental work today it's reassuring to know we always receive a substantial discount. We keep renewing it every year. - Karen, NJ


I sincerely appreciate the Dentachoice Plus discount program. After I retired from a Fortune 500 company, I enrolled in the Dentachoice Plus discount program, a great move that I made. Over the last couple of years, I have had a lot of dental work done and the savings from this program has been significant...single dental cleaning covers the cost of my annual premium...who could ask for more?? I highly recommend participation in the Dentachoice Plus discount program as there are significant savings to be had! - Ginny, NJ

I cannot believe I have saved over $2500.00 for braces for my daughter with the Dentachoice program. I’m still in shock over the savings! - Terry, NJ


My daughter told me about this dental program. I’ve used this many times and for different procedures, such as cleanings, an extraction and fillings. Everything was nice and I definitely saved money. The staff was very professional. My wife has also used it and is pleased with the service and the savings. - Scottie, GA


Dentachoice has the same Dentists as the insured plan I was on. I now save on my dental services without the high monthly premiums. - Sam, NC.


My insured dental plan did not cover cosmetic services, so I switched to Dentachoice and saved $1800. I also saved $250 on my vision exam and glasses with Outlook Vision. I wish I had found this plan earlier. - Jeanne, FL

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